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The year of healthy mother and child

2016 - The year of healthy mother and child
In accordance with the national program “The Year of Healthy Mother and Child” large-scale preventive activities against infectious diseases have been launched in Uzbekistan.
The working group for studying problems of family relations has held its scheduled expanded-format gathering in Tashkent. During the gathering, issues of strengthening family relations and preventing early marriages were discussed with a critical eye. The working group’s report was heard.
The Institute of Immunology has been transformed into the Republican Scientific Center of Immunology. And from now on this establishment will function not within the system of the Academy of Sciences, but that of the Ministry of Healthcare.
From 2011 to 2015, the number of hospital beds in Uzbekistan decreased from 139,800 to 129,800. New reductions will continue until 2020. True, this will be related solely to anti-tuberculosis service. Will there be enough hospital beds for all those in need of them?
Regional teenage dispensaries are transferred to the structure of regional multidisciplinary medical centers in our country.
The well known medical journal The Lancet has compiled a ranking of countries on indicators of sustainable development related to medicine, life and health. Uzbekistan has taken 55th place among the 188 countries in the world, and this is the best index among the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
In Uzbekistan is published a magazine dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence. In the pages of this magazine can be found details of the achievements of the republic's in the independence period, including the state program "2016 - Year of a healthy mother and child".
“On the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Healthcare of Uzbekistan is implementing the treatment of tuberculosis on an outpatient basis,” said director of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology Nargiza Parpiyeva and elaborated in detail on the Center’s activities:
In Karshi was built a house for orphans and children left without parental care, reported UzA.
In Namangan opened a sports complex for women, writes UzA. It was built by company "Dustlik" in the framework of implementation of the State program "Year of healthy mother and child."
The strengthening of families, mother and child health, upbringing of healthy and comprehensively advanced generation are the key priorities of the national program The Year of Healthy Mother and Child. More than 4.4 trillion soums and $111 million have already been invested for these purposes.
“Measures taken in Uzbekistan to promote maternal and child health” has been the theme of a seminar held in the Spanish town of Cuenca.
Earlier Jahon Information Agency has reported about the successful participation of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Meros" of Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceum named after V.Uspenskiy in the 17th International Festival of choirs and youth orchestras "Music from around the world", which was held in the Italian city of Perugia and Deruta.
Тoday Uzbekistan is getting ready to celebrate its dearest holiday, the 25th anniversary of national independence. The string of event and broad explanatory work call for each and every person to contribute to the preservation of prosperity and stronger independence and boost the feeling of belonging to everything festive that is going on.


This festival held under the slogan of “My life, my destiny – my sacred homeland, my beautiful and unique Uzbekistan” was attended by talented young people who had won in various contests, science Olympiads and sports competitions
The Rio de Janeiro XXXI Summer Olympic and XV Paralympic Games Send-Off Ceremony of sport delegation of Uzbekistan held in the capital.
Festive atmosphere of the greatest event in the history of Uzbek people – the 25th anniversary of state independence is already hovering over our country. In connection with this auspicious occasion the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Tashkent, kindly give interviews to Jahon Information Agency in order to talk about the past of our republic path.
A scientific practical conference has taken place at the Mirzo Ulughbek National University of Uzbekistan on the subject of the socio-philosophical issues of bringing up young people with high morals in Uzbekistan.
On June 10, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on privatization, de-monopolization and competition development held a meeting with representatives of "Ernst & Young" LLC, led by the head of the consulting practice E&Y for Central Asia and Caucasus, Ksenia Babushkina.
A new website "Government through children's eyes» has been launched on the Internet (www.kids.gov.uz) within the framework of the governmental portal of the Republic.
The “Milliy tiklanish” Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (DPU) held a regional stage of the republican competition “The happiness of families is the result of independence” in the capital city.
“The Week of Healthy Child” has ended in Uzbekistan. The Ministry of Health has realized a set of measures on the prevention and treatment of helminthosis.
At the United Nations headquarters in New York, an information on the main areas of anti-drug policy and their implementation in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2015 is disseminated as an official document of the 70th session of the General Assembly in the six official languages.
The exhibition titled “We are Happy Kids” organized at the International Caravanserai of Culture named after Ikuo Hirayama of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan pays particular attention to the development of pharmaceutical industry and quality control of the products of this sector. These and many other issues were discussed at a press conference held in the capital by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Doctors point out the improving health of the population and predict further growth of the indicators. An Uzbekistan Today reporter attempted to find out the truth about the statements.
2016 year is declared as a healthy mother and a healthy child year


2016 year is declared as a healthy mother and a healthy child year


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