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The Republic Of Uzbekistan
Welcome to Uzbekistan - an oasis of peace, a land where ancient history and modern culture converge, a country located at the mid-point of the Great Silk Road! It's the oldest land in Central Asia, maintaining a twenty-five century long history, a country with a specific historical and cultural community different from that of other regions. Recently, tourist interest in Uzbekistan has markedly increased and accordingly, the range of travel facilities and the services of local tour operators are being expanded year by year in order to draw more travelers to explore this wonderful place.
With obtaining the state sovereignty of Uzbekistan, revival of spirituality and culture, restoration of true history and singularity have become one of the priorities of the state policy of the republic. “Rehabilitation of spiritual values we consider as an organic and natural growth of national identity, return to spiritual origins of the nation, to its roots”, says Islam Karimov.
Culture. Uzbekistan has one of the brightest and original cultures of the Orient. It is inimitable national music, dances and painting, unique national kitchen and clothes. The Uzbek national music is characterized as variety of subjects and genres. The songs and tool plays according to their functions and forms of usage can be divided into two groups: performed in the certain time and under the certain circumstances and performed at any time. The songs connected with customs and traditions, labor processes, various ceremonies, dramatized entertainment representations and games belong to the first group.